Wax statue of Sachin Tendulkar unveiled at Sydney Cricket Ground.

English: Sachin Tendulkar at Adelaide Oval

English: Sachin Tendulkar at Adelaide Oval (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, on 20th April 2013 Sachin Tendulkar’s life-sized wax statue unveiled at Sydney Cricket ground.  Statue unveiled 4 days before his 40th birthday which is on 24th April.

Sydney ground is very lucky for legendary batsman. He has some memorable knocks at Sydney Cricket ground. Three test centuries, including 241 not out in 2004 – this is his best test score. The statue is in blue jersey and hands raised with helmet and bat. He was not there for unveiling event as he is playing in the ongoing Indian Premier League matches representing Mumbai Indians.

Statue has placed along with Sir Donald Bradman and Shane Warne for permanent diplay in Sydney’s Madame Tussauds Museum. The three statues alongside each other will remind everyone the meeting of three legends on 90th birthday of Sir Don Bradman, when Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne were invited at Sir Don Bradman’s resident in Adelaide. During the unveiling of the wax statue, Swami Army, the group of Indian supporter chanted his name.

Tendulkar is really excited and feeling honoured when asked about unveiling of his statue. He is feeling very special as his statue will along true legends in cricket history.

The Sydney cricket ground made a mistake in a wax statue. The statue has the 2012 ICC World T20 t-shirt and Tendulkar was not the part of that tournament. In fact, the Icon has not represented India in any four T20 World Cups. He has played just one T20 match in 2006-07 in Johannasburg.

This is one of the best birthday gifts for Sachin Tendulkar. On his birthday he has an IPL match against Kolkata Knight Riders. On his birthday, the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) is planning a 40 pound cake on 24th April at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.


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